10 Bridesmaids Dresses Your Friends Wont B*tch About

“Omg, these are perfect. The best part, it can be shortened and worn again later,” The worst words ever to be said to bridesmaids.

Chances are there will always be an unhappy bridesmaid in your bridal party. The Dresses you picked were too short, too tight, too matchy-matchy, too much boob, too little boob, the list goes on. Don’t stress out over their dresses when the reality is your wedding day is YOUR day!

Instead of letting your bridesmaids take the reigns on their dress picks, which you probably will end up hating, check out these dresses from the new Serenity collection by Donna Morgan that are sure to make everyone happy. And yes they can wear them again.

Check out the entire Serenity collection on, and click back often for an on-sale date. (It’s reportedly coming any day!)

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