12 Reasons Why “Fixer Upper” is Everyone’s Favorite Show

1. Chip and Joanna Gaines are “the” home improvement power couple. Plus they both aren’t hard on the eyes 🙂

2. Who is ready to pack your bags and move to Waco, Texas, just so the power team can find you a house.

3. They can make any messed up house sound like it will be fit for a movie star after they are done with it (and from their results they pretty much are!)

4. Joanna’s decorative ideas can inspire anyone to take on a DIY project

5. The Gaines truly care about their clients and their families

6. “Fixer Upper” can turn anyone into an antique shopper

7. Joanna has give you a whole new perspective on repurposing rustic/ antique finds

8. “Fixer Upper” isn’t just a real estate show on HGTV, it’s a design show that happens to deal with finding a cool old house

9. Chip and Joanna Gaines make you wish they are your best friends

10. You can’t help but crack a smile at Chip’s corny jokes and playful antics

11. After watching you will want a bunch of cute little kids and farm animals

12. Watching the homeowners’ faces during the big reveal is totally priceless!

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