A New Tampon is Here…And It’s A Game Changer

Unfortunately, there is no glamorizing our monthly visits from Mrs. Flow. We can shorten them, lighten them, and even stop them for awhile, but thanks to Eve there is no way of kicking it to the curb (well unless your are going through menopause, which is a whole new ballgame).

For some reason, a woman’s menstruation has become a hush-hush topic, even though it happens to all of us. There is not reason why it should still be something we don’t really talk about, especially when there are things worth the conversation. Case in point: What is actually in the run-of-the-mill tampon? That’s aside for the “fabric-y cotton stuff?”

For something majority of women are shoving up “there,” most woman don’t in fact know what goes into their tampons. According to the FDA, feminine care products are regulated, but they don’t require companies to list all the ingredients in their products. This means brands like Tampax and Pearl are doing the bare minimum and rarely disclose the ratio of ingredients in the tampons themselves. Not Good!

So what are they typically made of? Generally, tampons are made of a blend of the artificial fibers rayon and polyester, among some others. Most of us see the fluffy white stick and just assume it’s completely cotton. Well sorry to disappoint, but it’s NOT.

Let’s face it, big companies are more interested in the bottom-line than our overall health. Rayon may be more price-efficient but it doesn’t come close to the health benefits of cotton. Cotton tampons works just as well, if not better than the current tampons, without any of the harsh chemicals, synthetics, or dyes.

Thanks to LOLA, a new tampon is on the market that changes the way women care for themselves during menstruation. They have developed tampons that are 100% cotton with BPA free plastic applicators, which means they’re 100% natural, 100% biodegradable, and 100% easy to feel good about. (LOLA).

So now there is no more wondering what your body is really absorbing.

That isn’t even the best part! LOLA has eliminated the embarrassing drugstore run to get your period survival essentials of family size tampons, chocolate, ice cream, latest romance movie, and a bag of potato chips (ok maybe a few bags). They deliver your tampons right to your door with their tampon subscription. Don’t worry commitment phobes, you can cancel, pause, or adjust your subscription at anytime.

All you have to do it pick the type of assortment you want, light, regular, or super. You have the option of getting all 18 tampons the same absorbency or you can customize your box to perfectly fit your flow. For those of you lucky enough to have a short period you can get one box sent to your door for $10, for the rest of us, two boxes are $18. The best part FREE SHIPPING. Now just decide if you want them delivered every month or every two months.

Your welcome!

photos: LOLA


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