After Outcry, Instagram Finally Unblocks #Curvy

After a week of women outraged by Instagram blocking the hashtag #curvy, they have decided to bring it back. Executives at Instagram say they have unblocked the hashtag and will be monitoring it closely to raise top posts with relevant images.

In the future, the company hopes they can rely on users for honest feedback when changes like this happen, according to the Washington Post. “ We won’t be perfect, “ said Nicky Jackson Colaco, Instagram’s director of public policy. “but we will be thoughtful.”

Instagram blocked the term Curvy on July 16, not allowing anyone to search for pictures of tag images with the hashtag #curvy. An Instagram spokesperson says that the ban has nothing to do with the word “curvy” itself. Instead, they block certain hashtags, making them unsearchable, when lots of people use them to share content that goes against community guidelines. In this case, the hashtag #curvy was used to violate their nudity policy. (And if the #curves hashtag was at all similar, they were probably not lying about that. Search at your own risk.) Marie Claire

Well you have all spoken and it worked! Grab a glimpse of these beautiful #curvy ladies.

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Buh buh buh buh #busty

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