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Bad Dating Behavior Guys Really Hate

Thanks to movies like How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and the Sex and the City all the egregious behavior when it comes to dating, although admittedly it is less theatrical and over-the-top in real life. Here are seven dating sins straight off the big screen.

  1. Naming his penis. Men do it—hello, the General!—so you can understand why some women don’t get why they can’t create a custom moniker for their favorite member. And while you can call it by any name you choose as you gossip about your sex life with your girlfriends, you cannot let him hear it.
  2. Coming between him and the Game. Take it from a woman who just watched her man lose his mind game after game during the NBA finals: Sometimes suggesting he change the channel seems like the right and caring thing to do, just so you can spare him the pain of watching his team lose play-by-play. It never is, readers.
  3. Being too available. If he knows where you are at any given time of the day or night—because you’ve told him in a series of texts and phone calls detailing your every move—a man will want to do anything but hang. It’s OK to reply with “I have plans that night, but how about Saturday?” when he suggests a Thursday hang and you already have plans with friends.
  4. Taking the place of his mother. The man knows what to eat to avoid clogged arteries and how to properly press his shirts (well, maybe). He knows because he’s a grown-up, no longer in need of additional mothering beyond his own mom’s sage advice. If he’s drowning himself in cheeseburgers and wearing wrinkled clothes anyway, trust that it’s his choice and you should not talk him out of it.
  5. Threatening to break up every two days. Some people dig real-life drama, while others prefer to watch it play out in the movies and on their TV screens. Men who fall into the latter category won’t chase you when you threaten to find a better man—they’ll just leave.
  6. Talking “forever” when you’ve been dating three weeks. Yes, when you know, you know. But if he doesn’t know quite yet, he might not be down to talk over your future kids’ names and where you’ll vacation on your 50th anniversary.
  7. Stocking his closets and cabinets with your stuff. Should he offer you a toothbrush and a place to store a change of clothes soon after regular sleepovers happen? Yes. Should you take the liberty of turning his bathroom cabinet into the tampon aisle of CVS without asking? Nope.

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