Having Sex A Lot May Not Give You The Outcome You Wanted

Adding a hot and heavy session between the sheets is known to be a mood booster, so having more sex should just make you an even happier person, right? Unfortunately, that isn’t how it works. According to a new study from Carnegie Mellon University doing the dead more often can actually make you feel less enthusiastic and more tired.

For the study, researchers recruited 64 couples and had them record their feelings and bedroom romps. Half of the couples were instructed to have sex twice as much as usual, while the others weren’t instructed about how much sex to have. According to the couple’s reports, by the end of the month the couples that doubled their time under the sheets were not any happier. In reality, they said their sex drives were lower than usual and they were enjoying sex less.

So why would they not be enjoying it more? Researchers think that the stress of feeling required to do it more often and not just being able to initiate sex when the couples wanted was causing sex to be less enjoyable.

Now the researchers still believe many couples can relationships can benefit from getting sex more often. Desire drops off a lot quicker than enjoyment, study authors state. In other words, you will generally get into it even it you are not feeling in the mood in the beginning.

To help avoid disappointment, your goal should not be to have crazy marathon sex you and your partner had in the early stages of your relationship. That can be way to much pressure on you, decreasing your desirer to jump into bed. Instead, focusing on making your bedroom a place that helps get you in the mood (so you will naturally be more inclined to desire sex).

I don’t know about you but that sounds like a good excuse to buy some new scented candles and sheets, or maybe even splurge and book that date night you have been dreaming about for awhile now.

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