The History of the Word Sex Over the Past Decades

Sex is everywhere, on TV, in music, all over the Internet, and literally everywhere in between. We find ourselves using the word so much on a daily basis. It almost seems unnatural if we go an afternoon with out the word uttered from our lips. The simple three-letter-word may be over used and all too common now, but there was a time when the word was blocked from common daily conversation.

New research by Dred.com they show when and how the little word has been used over the last 200 years in print. The online doctor community located in the United Kingdom analyzed the Corpus of Historical American English – an online database of more than 100,000 fiction, nonfiction, and periodical documents from 1810-2009- for their material during this study.

The dirty little three-lettered word peaked between the years 1810 and 1825, when it was used 250 million times across all texts. We thought we said it a lot, in 2009 it was only found half that often.

As far as in the 1800s the word was used mostly in biological terms, in other words, someon’es sex was male or female. “Sex,” didn’t start to appear in text in sexual terms until 1948, shortly after the Kinsey Institute released its initial reports on human sexuality. Even during 1948, however, the term was still associated with education and not recreation.

The phrases “sex appeal,” “oral sex,” and “sex and nudity” worked their way into text in the late 20th century, according to the Dred.com study. While the term “sex partners” entered modern-day language in the 1980s as a result of the HIV and AIDS epidemic.

So, what about the word “orgasm”, well that word didn’t make it into text until 1930. As far as linking it with fake, the two weren’t linked together until 1970s.

For the word combinations used today, that will leave for an interesting study in the years to come.

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