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The Secrets to Getting Your Mojo Back in the Bedroom After Gaining Weight

Not everyone has the luxury of a personal trainer and dietician to help sculpt the perfect body. A little extra “cushion for the pushin” happens to the best of us. There are millions of reasons why your scale is up a few numbers. Whether you just had a baby (Congrats mommy!!!!) or you have taken to an afternoon treat of Oreo ice cream, or just YOLO on your food choices, adjusting to a new body can be hard. Women already feel insecure in the bedroom, add few extra pounds into the mix and things go to a new level.

From a woman who has had three kids and not enough time in the day to hit the gym, here’s your action plan for getting your mojo back and enjoying sexy time with your significant other, because YOLO.

  1. Take care of your whole body. Sexiness has more to do with how we feel than how we look on the outside. So shift your thought from weight onto something else: How is the hair situation down there, do you need a bikini wax? Are you due for a pedicure? How about that spray tan you have been contemplating. Take care of yourself in all sorts of ways and give yourself a little sprucing to make you feel good right now.
  2. Talk about it. You will feel so much better if you are open and honest with your man. Let him know how you feel and how he can help, like upping those encouraging compliments to make you feel extra beautiful.
  3. Change your self-talk. When the negative thoughts pop into your head, redirect your thoughts with a positive statement: “ This is my body and I’m grateful my hair is looking on point today.” Keep doing this until you feel more accepting of how you look in the mirror.
  4. Decide what you want to do. Ultimately you can keep your body the way it is or you can change it. Pick a part of your body that you struggle with and work on improving it. Make realist goals and work on a path to showing your body part more appreciation in the future. Do this until you have become happier with the areas you struggle with.
  5. Change the rules. Sex is about enjoying the experience with someone you care about. With that said, if you need the lights off or a little more coverage to help you stay in the moment, that is OKAY!
  6. Work it girl. Focus on burning those calories in a fun low stress way. Instead of forcing 30 minutes on the treadmill, try shaking your grove thing at Zumba, or hit a hot yoga class to detoxify the negative energy out of your system. If those don’t work maybe amp up your inner sex kitten by taking a pole dancing class with some of your closest girlfriends.
  7. No matter what, you deserve pleasure. Your body has always changed, is changing, and is going to change. So instead of resisting this fact, try embracing it. Doing so can make for a more relaxed stress-free journey. Sit back and enjoy the road.

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