This App Can Change The Way You Sit At Your Desk

In the good ol’ days children swung from a tire swings, played king of the mountain, and gluten was apart of everyone’s diet…. No one spent the entire day hunched over a tiny MacBook communicating with the outside world.

Let’s be real the modern world has done a good number on our posture.

Nekoze, a free new Web app for Mac that is here to help our in disastrous ways by monitoring our slouching and letting you know when you are out of line. Um, Thank You!

Upon installing the app, you grand Nekoze access to your computer’s camera. (So this may not be the best thing for those with Big Brother paranoia.) Then, sit up as straight as you can so the app can calibrate your posture baseline. From that point on a little kitten icon hangs out in your menu bar, watching you do your thing.

When your being a good little kitten and sitting up straight, you wont hear a peep. But watch out, when you start to slouch, the cat will get all crazy-faced and meow until you fix you sloughing.

Nekoze also uses facial recognition, so it knows the difference between you and another person using your computer and will not work if it can’t identify the user.

We are totally loving this new app here!

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