Your Hair Tie is Damaging Your Hair

Whoever invented the hair tie deserves a metal of greatness! Lets be honest it is the best thing since sliced bread. These stretchy bands of greatness are a saving grace for those bad hair days, but they can also be a disaster to your hair.

Here is what you need to know about your hair-tie addiction

You’re pulling your hair to tight

We love us a chic high pony, but whether it’s a matter of practicality or you’re trying to give yourself a full-on Croydon facelift, it puts an extreme amount of pressure on the hairline, which is, by nature, very sensitive. In fact, if you wear your hair super-tight and pulled back day-to-day, it can damage hair follicles to the point that they fall out, leading to a permanent receding hairline. Not to mention, these ultra-high styles can also cause headaches AKA hair-aches.

You’re hair is up while you sleep

Tying your hair back with an elastic band is actually most harmful when you’re sleeping. Because you’re tossing and turning through the night, you’re adding even more pressure the roots and hair shafts. Your best bet is to keep your hair down, and to sleep on a silk pillowcase like Slip’s Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcase ($79.95).

Your stuck in an elastic rut, the same place every time

If ever there was an incentive to change up your hairstyle on the regular, it’s the fact that tying your hair with an elastic in the same place over and over again damages that patch of hair follicles—just like repeatedly using a hot tool will. If you’re going to tie your hair back, use a snag-free elastic for a softer style, like a low ponytail, or twist your back and secure with U-pins.

You’re using your elastic on west hair

In order to keep frizz at bay, you might be in the habit of pulling your hair back after a show. However, because your strands are dense with water, it’s putting even more pressure on your hairline then a dry-hair style. If you’re adamant about keeping your hair out of your face while it dries, try a silk headwrap. Like a silk pillowcase, it’s not abrasive to the hair and will keep it neat and sleek

You’re elastics have metal fastening

If you’ve noticed an uptick in “snag-free” hair elastics on the market, that’s because it’s essentially common knowledge that ties with metal end on them are notorious for causing breakage. The tinny fasteners catch on strands causing deads ends or even pulling out strands all together.​

Originally posted by Marie Claire



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