YouTuber Takes A Powerful Stand Against Haters

Makeup and beauty YouTuber Em Ford, or know as My Pale Skin, posted photos of her makeup-free face on social media a few months ago, and the responses were astonishing. Viewers commented with such hatred and disgust. Telling her she looked “Ugly as f*ck,” and asking if she ever washed her face.

When she revealed her makeup-covered face the responses were positive and flattering. Telling Ford she looked so pretty and amazing. However, these positive remarks were quickly followed up with “this is why I have trust issues”, and “imagine waking up next to her in the morning.”

How are women suppose to feel comfortable in our own skin if this is what happens? Has our society divulged our true colors, only wanting to live behind a superficial curtain?

As sad as it is to read comments built around negativity and hatred, the most struggling responses are those dealing with the same skin issues and insecurities. One viewer wrote, “ I wanted to kill myself.” It is clear that we are forcing women to hide behind their insecurities and superficial curtains. We are allowing woman to live thinking it is acceptable to not be pleased with what makes us different.

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Women do not wake up looking like they stepped off a cover of Glamour or Vogue. We all have imperfections, whether they are skin related or not, bullying someone based off of another’s judgments only reveals how poorly our society has taught people to behave.

Watch Em Ford’s powerful video that encompasses how harmful social media can be to an individual’s self-esteem and how impossible it is to meet the expectations of others.

It’s time to take a step forward and show young women how to be comfortable in their own skin!

“You are beautiful. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. Not even yourself.”

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