11 Reasons Why He Broke Up With You

Turn off the Adele and put down the ice cream! Here are 11 reasons why he broke up with you.

He doesn’t want to get hurt.Instead of dealing with their emotions, men have a tendency of self-sabotage. They can’t get hurt if they break your heart first.

He’d rather be single. If your guy would rather relive his college glory days or leave empty beer bottles on the coffee table for days at a time, he probably wasn’t boyfriend material in the first place.

You’re more into him than he is into you. This can be suffocating for men, and often end in a doomed relationship. Don’t sweat it! You deserve a guy that will give you the same attention and love back. Find someone who thinks you’re the hotdog to his bun.

He doesn’t see a future with you. It may be hard to believe but mature guys do actually think about the future of a relationship. Why waste each other’s time if there really isn’t a future with both of you together.

He doesn’t think you’re sexually compatible. Some people just don’t mesh well together on this level. Take it as you tried and it just wasn’t there

He just wanted a filler relationship. Men can’t be alone. Either it was a rebound relationship he needed to get over the ex you always hear about, or he was just depressed and trying to fill a life void. This totally sucks, but it happens.

He likes you, just not enough. Sometimes relationships start off great and then tend to plateau or fizzle out. You had a good time together and hoped things would get better, and they just never did. It was probably best things ended when they did so you could both move on.

He’s not on your relationship wavelength. Maybe you found the few guys that wanted to be more serious than you planned for. It is a classic wrong person, wrong time.

You’re taking him for granted. One-sided relationships are exhausting and get old very fast.

You have different values. This is an ultimate deal breaker. It is really hard to come back from the reality of you want kids and he doesn’t.

You’re just not the one. Yes, this sounded harsh, and don’t take it personally. Odds are you are a fine human being, and event though it is hard to see right now, he bailed because the relationship just didn’t have it. Stop over analyzing it. Some people are just not compatible.

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