13 Things Only Women Who Wear Lipstick Understand

Eating a sandwich or hamburger while wearing lipstick requires major skill. Look mom no crumbs. 

Trying on clothes must be done with surgeon precision. There is nothing worse then a light smudge of pink on the collar of your new lace dress.

When you do a quick kiss hello on the cheek and accidentally leave a trail of red behind. Oh my, I’m so sorry. At least it matches your dress 🙂

Makeouts are extra messy. Maybe the best bet is to trade your signature red in for a stained ChapStick

Your constant thought: “Did I just smudge my lipstick all over my face?” Stop staring and tell me already. 

Oh no… “Do I have lipstick all over my teeth?” Stop staring and tell me already!

Giving your lips a Vaseline bath at night to deal with dryness. Beauty is pain. Beauty is pain.

Can’t the brand imprint stay on forever?!? The TF on Tom Ford’s Bruised Plum is so so chic

Did that just happen? When the cap falls off in your bag and the inside looks like a murder scene. You are on a first-name basis with your dry cleaner.

Finding the perfect line to match your lips = pure happiness. <3

The rim of your wine glass looks like your daughter had fun with the finger paints

Code RED! Code RED! Running out of your favorite shade is a state of emergency. Siri where is the closest Sephora? 

You spend 30 percent of your day reapplying.

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