According to A New Survey You Need These 6 Traits to Have Multiple Orgasms

In a recent survey done by, 72% of women admit to faking their big moment with a partner, not that we are surprised. It can take the average woman 10-20 minutes to hit her O just from foreplay alone. But then they hit us with the fact that plenty of women are O-ing not once, not twice, but “multiple times.” So What?! Question: who/what/when/where/HOW because isn’t getting one hard enough?

Since we know you are dying to hear the secret, here are the “lucky” few who are considered more likely to get the job done multiple times according to the survey:

  • People who live in Miami
  • Redheads
  • Android Users
  • Those who work in computer and electronic professions
  • Women who use lips and kiss emoji
  • Conservative Republicans

So basically if you wan to get on the round-the-clock Os you need to dye your hair, move, say goodbye to your iPhone, switch jobs, only use two emojis, and vote for rightwing. Or…you can follow these tips to having a mind blowing O! 

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