Easy Steps to Kissable Lips

You just had one of the best dates of your life. He was funny, caring, a total gentleman and you can so see yourself moving to the burbs and having cute curly haired babies.

Wait just a minute before you go scribbling his name on all your papers, because you are hit with reality when you go in for the kiss and he swerves and goes for the cheek.

This is horrifying, but you thought the two of you had such a great time, WTF?!? No guy wants to kiss a girl with lips that need some serious TLC.

Here are two tips to achieving kiss worthy lips:

1. Exfoliate

Use a light sugar scrub to get all the dead skin cells and dirt off of your lips. Don’t scrub too hard, a light rub will do the trick. Try doing this once a week. Follow by applying a moisturizing lip gel.

2. Match your lip color to your natural lip tone

Swap that bright red for a slightly heightened version of your natural lip color. You will look like yourself and never regret your color choice. Try to opt for a lip color that has moisturizing properties.

It is as easy as that. Pucker up ladies !

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