Funny Sex Ed Video Goes Viral

Last Week Tonight host John Oliver is always good for a (smart, insightful) laugh, even when he’s taking on a non-laughing matter like the abysmal state of sex education in the U.S. In a recent show—which has now gone viral—he mashes up serious criticism of abstinence-only campaigns with his trademark sarcastic one-liners (“Girls are snake-charmers!”). The result is an amazing clip that you should watch, because everyone else on the Internet already has:

Speaking of sex ed, Glamour polled their staff to find out what they wished their health teachers had taught them once upon a time. Here’s what they said:

  1. “Lube is your best friend.”
  2. “There is no correlation between shoe size and penis size. None.”
  3. “Over-the-top sex noises are completely unnecessary—and maybe a little distracting.”
  4. “Simultaneous orgasms are MUCH harder than they look.”
  5. “Not all men are raring to go 24/7.”
  6. “The Pill and condoms aren’t the only options.”
  7. “Foreplay is not just a nice thing to include pre-sex, it’s necessary.”
  8. “Knowing how to ask a guy for what you want is an important skill that everyone should learn.”
  9. “The fact that a guy has slept with a lot of women does not guarantee that he will be good in bed.”
  10. “A guy who is committed to pleasing you is always better than a guy with great abs.”

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