How to Make Your Dating Profile Pop

Creating an online profile can be terrifying. What do you say? You don’t want to seem conceited or lame. You want to be fun, but serious. You want to be adventurous, but precise. The list can go on. It isn’t easy to write about yourself when you don’t want to sound conceited or worse, desperate. So we have come up with 15 tips that will make your dating profile stand out.

The way that we are meeting our significant other has changed drastically. Did you know that one in three couples now find love online? Our daily activities are consumed with social media and the internet, it would only seem logical to fit finding a man or woman in the mix.

How to make your online profile pop

Ask your friends to help: Get a friend to help write your profile. It is easier to consult others when talking about you then yourself.

Avoid clickes: Even if one of your favorite past times is “walking on the beach” don’t write it down! Think of something interesting that will make you stand out and can later be a conversation starter.

List sociable hobbies: ‘People have to imagine how they’ll fit into your life, so describing yourself as a “bookworm and internet addict” makes them feel they’d never see you,’ explains’s relationship expert Kate Taylor. ‘Play up your love of anything sporty, outdoorsy or public – like concerts and exhibitions.’

Choose action shots: Profile pictures that show you playing a guitar or riding a horse, even if it isn’t the best of your face, will get more messages than those of your rush hour selfie.

Stay positive  Always be positive about yourself. Your profile is essentially your dating interview. You wouldn’t want a future boss to read anything negative, so why you want a future partner to?

Be honest: Lying wont get you anywhere in the dating world.

Be specific: Be detail oriented. If you like to travel, say where you like to travel or what you like to pack when traveling. How about your favorite place to visit and why, anything concrete like this brings you to life when someone is reading your profile.

Update regularly: Keep your profile up to day. Your life changes so, so should your profile. Make an effort to update your profile picture on a regular basis and add any new relevant information about yourself.

Check your grammar  No one wants to date someone that doesn’t know the difference between Where and Were. Try writing your profile in Word then coping to over.

Say cheese: In a recent poll, Marie Claire found that 96 per cent of people would rather see a big, happy grin in a profile photo than a sexy pout.

Choose recent photos: If a picture is more than a year old, don’t use it. One of the most frequent complaints when online dating is “they may have looked like that once but they certainly don’t look like that now.” Just remember looking better in person is better than the reverse.

Keep it short and sweet: You wouldn’t introduce yourself to someone at a bar with your entire life story, so don’t do it online. Leave something things up for a later conversation. Women have a tendency to write too much because we enjoy reading long profiles. Men are not like us! Imagine you are doing an icebreaker introduction where you have to sum yourself up briefly,’ according to

Have fun: Most people want to find someone they can see themselves having a good time with, that they can laugh with. So show people that you have a sense of humor.

Be the focus: Don’t pick a picture where you are not the main focal point

Summertime is the best: In recent research, people in summer pictures were seen as more attractive than those from winter pictures.


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