If You Get Married at This Age, You’re More Likely to Get Divorced

I can remember telling my family that I would never marry or have kids. I would look at young families and just and just think “why?” Why would they want to settle down so young, wouldn’t they want to have fun for a little longer? Then I met the love of my life who swept me off my feet and put a ring on it real fast. I’m talking less than a year fast. Then all that wait to get married stuff just slowly drifted away and was replaced with dreams of little a white picket fence and kids.

The University of Utah took data from the National Survey of Family Growth from 2006 to 2010 and concluded that if you get married at age 20, yes people actually do this, you are 50 percent more likely to get divorced that if you’d married at 25. And each year after age 25 that you wait to get married reduces your divorce rate by 11 percent. Then once you hit 32, the odds that you will divorce will go up by 5 percent each year.

Well that isn’t too encouraging….

This trend seems to be relatively new, since a previous study done with data from 2002 showed that the divorce rate of people who got married after 30 was flatlining instead of dropping, says sociologist Nicholas Wolfinger.

How does he explain this “phenomenon”? Well, if you get married after 30, you’ve probably had more complicated relationships with exes (and have had more exes in general), which could make you feel more tempted to cheat—tooootally [side-eye]. He adds that the current data doesn’t support these theories specifically, so he’s not really sure why it’s happening. (Marie Claire)

So basically we are damned if we do and damned if we don’t.

My thoughts stop worrying about what society and everyone else thinks and follow your heart. Worst case, you fall and have to get back up again. Every princess has her prince charming, you just have to find him!

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