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Maintaining A Happy and Healthy Marriage After Kids

Maintaining a healthy and loving relationship is hard, add children to the mix and you have a cocktail for disaster if it is not nurtured correctly.  My husband and I jumped into the fast lane from the beginning of our relationship. Just a few months after we were married we were welcoming our first child, then a year later our second. We are 3 years into our marriage and have two wonderful children and one on the way.

Marriage is no easy thing! You can’t just read articles on the Internet and think those easy tips will fix everything. Marriage requires effort, time, and love.  Let me be the first to admit that a marriage with children can be exhausting. Down right trying at times!  Your attention is pulled in every direction. You want to be a good spouse, parent, and friend. So you pretty much have to be a superhero.

Superhero or not, no person or relationship is perfect. Here are 30 ways to help you maintain a happy and healthy marriage after kids:

  1. Wake up by saying Good Morning with a Kiss
  2. Always kiss Goodbye
  3. Communicate throughout the day
  4. Send loving Text messages just because
  5. Take the time to share about your day
  6. Say I Love You at least 5 times a day
  7. Cook dinner together
  8. Always eat together at the table
  9. Have you time
  10. Have your couple time away from the kids.
  11. Set time aside during each day to spend as a family. For use we go on nightly golf cart rides and look at the nature that surrounds us. This is relaxing and the kids love it!
  12. Give random gifts of love just because
  13. Find television shows that you watch together weekly
  14. Assign tasks around the house
  15. Never go to bed angry
  16. Take time to calm down when your angry before talking it out
  17. Try not to use hurtful words
  18. When your wife says she is “fine” she really isn’t
  19. Set a time during the night to put all electronics including phones away
  20. Pray with and for each other
  21. Cook breakfast as a family at least once a month
  22. Read books to your kids before bed nightly
  23. Always laugh
  24. Always smile
  25. Always love
  26. Say please and thank you
  27. Don’t let an argument go by without saying sorry
  28. Have family date nights weekly
  29. Take interest in your spouses interests
  30. Try and go to bed at the same time as your spouse

How have you maintained a happy marriage after kids? Hit the comments and discuss. 

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