Quiz: What Your Thoughts on ‘Dirty Dancing’ Says About Your Personality

Get out your #2 pencils and paper it’s pop quiz time.

How would you describe Dirty Dancing?

  1. It’s a movie about a teenage girl who goes to the Catskills and carries a watermelon and falls in love with her sexy dance instructor.
  2. It’s a movie about love, expectation and disillusionment, set in the socially tumultuous 1960s.

Why does it even matter? According to the Myers-Briggs personality test, how you answer could point to whether you’re a sensor or an intuitive.

Here is the run down on what you are:


If you answered A

You are probably a sensor

You remember events exactly as they happened, often in precise detail.

You solve problems by working through the facts first, and thinking about the big picture later.

You tend to be more literal

You often find yourself saying, “ Can we get back to reality for a minute?”

If You answered B

You’re probably an intuitive

You remember events by remembering what they mean to you

You solve problems by jumping ahead to all the various possibilities.

You tend to be unrealistic

You often find yourself saying, “Just imagine what we could do here!”

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