Scientists Have Spoken: Pear Juice Is the Secret Cure for Your Hangovers

Why did we not know about this during our college days?! It would have made those dreaded 7am classes so much easier to get to after an epic Thirsty Thursday. A recent study has revealed there just might be an ultimate cure to end the pounding headaches, upset stomachs, and even nausea after a night out on the town. So what is this magic cure we speak of, pear juice.

Researchers at Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CISRO), the Australian government’s scientific research organization, found that people who drank just under 1 cup of Asian pear juice before drinking alcohol had fewer and/or no hangover symptoms the next morning.

Out of all the dreaded hangover symptoms, the greatest improvement was seen in a person’s ability to concentrate. Since the juice also has anti-inflammatory effects, which means that splitting headache you get will dull, if not be relieved entirely.

Unfortunately, the reason behind this miracle hangover cure isn’t clear yet, however, the lead researcher, Manny Noakes, suggest that pear juice contains enzymes that are necessary for speeding up alcohol metabolism and slightly inhibiting alcohol absorption. The results of this study are not concluded yet, but the results are similar to a case study from 2013, where Asian pears (or Korean pears) significantly cut the severity of participants’ hangovers.

If you are looking to give this a try, it is important to note that the effects of the fruit juice were only seen if the juice is consumed prior to drinking. So drink a big glass or the stuff while you are getting ready and not before you pass out. As far as if other types of pears will work, there still no research on that. Researchers are also looking into if a person will receive the same effects as the juice if they eat the whole fruit before drinking.

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