Should You Shower in the Morning or Night?

We all do it, shower the night before so you can snag a few more minutes of sleep in the morning. But should we actually be dragging ourselves out of bed to hit the showers in the morning instead?

Read on to see which is better.

Pros of the morning shower

No need for a cup of joe. A morning shower helps increase circulation and blood flow more effectively than drinking those three cups of coffee.

A Morning shower relieves muscle tension. Sleep on your neck wrong last night? Jumping into a hot shower helps tight muscles loosen.

If you have oily skin and are prone to shine, you know your grease builds up while you snooze. A cold shower in the morning gives you a change to rinse off, and will naturally seal pores to protect against the dirt from the day.

Pros of the P.M Shower

It’s relaxing after a long workday. In fact, a shower after a day at the office can help lower your blood pressure and reduce stress.

You will catch some Zzzs faster. A quick rinse off before bed in warm water is a great way to beat insomnia. Why you ask? It’s soothing and it signals your body to start releasing melatonin.

It will keep your sheets clean. Even if you are OCD clean, dirt still collects on your body during the day. A p.m. rinse off means your sheets will stay in pristine shape.

So now that you have your facts, morning or a night shower?

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