You Know You Want to Know: What Men Really Think About Oral Sex

Oh how the world would be a different place if we could just read our boyfriend/ husband’s minds. Women are self-conscious enough, we can only imagine what they are thinking, and most of the time we only imagine the worst.

I’m not sure about you, but when it comes to sex I immediately think negatively. Am I doing this right? Do I even look sexy right now? He can’t actually like doing this? OMG I look so fat!

You would be surprised what men actually think about sex. Most of them are so caught up in the moment that any negative thoughts are far from their minds. But what about when they go down south? Of course we like it. But while we are caught in moments of pure bliss, what is going through their minds?

Marie Claire recently asked four men what they really think about giving oral sex. Read their honest thoughts here.

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