Chris Stapleton Sings ‘You Are My Sunshine’ Cover With Wife Morgane

Adele isn’t the only one giving everyone goosebumps over their music. After watching and listening to CMA winner Chris Stapleton and his wife Morgane sing a “You Are My Sunshine” cover, I am left is pure bliss! Their voices flow into your ears creating an absolutely brilliant sound, a sound that Country Music has been missing.

With all the new pop Country I honestly thought Country music had lost the raw southern sound i fell in love with as a young girl. It is a breath of fresh air to finally hear it make its way out of the dark shadows and blow everyone away again. Chris and Morgane’s duet has left me asking, Why are more people not talking about Morgane Stapleton !?!

Morgane Stapleton, you my girl are a musical delight! I can only pray that we see and hear more from you in the future.

featured image: npr

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