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How to Get Scuffs Out Of Your Favorite Suede Boots

Nothing is worse than buying a brand new pair of suede boots then discovering a large dark scuff hanging out on the side of them. Before you freak out and toss them to the back of the closet, or worse, attempt to fix them the wrong way, take a look at our helpful tip.

What you need: An eraser that has never been used. One on a number 2 pencil works just fine.

What to do: It is very simple, just gently rub your new eraser back and forth over the scuff until the stain comes out. Now be careful! If you rub too hard it will damage the suede.

How it works: The friction from the eraser causes the suede fibers to fluff allowing the dirt to lift and the mark to disappear.

Wa-la! Your boots are good as new.

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